Membership Terms

Membership Cost
Members agree to pay the annual cost set forth for the use of the Club in accordance with the etiquette, rules, and regulations set forth in this agreement.

Use of Membership Cards
Membership cards are issued to individuals directly and are expressly for their use. It is important for all members to have their membership cards in hand to gain access to the Club. The use of your card by any other person is prohibited by this agreement. Misused cards will be confiscated.

Etiquette, Rules, and Regulations Agreement
Upon signing, the following rules of etiquette constitute an agreement, enabling all to equally and fully enjoy the benefits of membership:

• Smoking of cigarettes, pipes, e-cigs, and cigars is not allowed in the Club, except in special designated outdoor areas.
• The Club does not accept responsibility for any personal items lost, stolen, damaged, or misplaced in the venue.
• Outside alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the property.

In order to maintain an environment that is enjoyable, 185 King Street reserves the right
to ask a member to leave the Club if:
· Their behavior, language, or actions are deemed inappropriate;
· Their actions or conduct interfere with the enjoyment of other Club Members and their Guests;
· They bring into the Club any intoxicating beverage, any illegal drug or controlled substance
· Their conduct or actions constitute any illegal, improper, or immoral behavior.

Additionally, minors under the age of 21 are welcome only in the presence of their parents, guardian or supervising Adult Member of the Club. No persons under 21 may sit at the bar.

185 King Street shall not be responsible for any claims or judgments for damages and the like, including costs of defending against such claims arising out of personal injury or property damage occurring in connection with the use of the Club and all its areas by members or their invitees, unless such damage was caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the party claiming such right to be indemnified or held harmless. There will be in effect a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any rules violation resulting in forfeiture of membership and all privileges associated with it.

Ticket Purchase /Availability
Due to the limited capacity of our Club and reserved seating opportunities, requests for tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Default / Cancellation of Membership
Breach of any term of this agreement by the member and/or their guests shall constitute default. Upon such an occurrence, 185 King Street, LLC reserves the right to cancel or revoke membership, without recourse. 185 King Street, LLC retains the right, under such circumstances, to terminate its obligation under this agreement and shall have any and all remedies available under applicable law, including without limitation the right to eject the member and/or their guests. The member shall be liable for all reasonable attorney fees and expenses incurred by 185 King Street, LLC in connection with the enforcement of any of its rights or remedies hereunder. The failure 185 King Street, LLC to exercise any right or remedy hereunder shall not constitute a waiver or release thereof. In the event that a member cancels their membership or their membership is revoked prior to the end of their current membership term, no portion of the fee paid will be refunded. The undersigned agrees to all of the terms and conditions set forth herein, and in witness whereof they hereby execute this agreement.