• May 25, 2019
    9:00 pm - 11:55 pm

The Modern Polyglots are bringing an entirely new interpretation to the improv/dance music genre. They seamlessly integrate dance beats with modern electro-atmospherics and improvisation that makes for a captivating and infectious live experience.  One thing is for sure with a Modern Polyglots show: there will be dancing.Shane Parreco approaches drumming from a very musical perspective – his beats are obviously influenced by his interest in a wide variety of world cultural music as well as modern electronica.  Ian Taylor is a phenomenal electronic keyboardist and talented modern improvisational composer. He elevates the intrigue and depth of the group to a place usually only enjoyed by the most respected jazz musicians.  Jason Altemose brings a solidity to the group in the form of his unique style of bass playing. His 25+ years of experience as a professional musician brings a sense of wisdom that only a veteran of the industry can provide.