The Harrows

Tickets are available for online purchase up until 3:00 pm the day of the show. If you would like tickets the day of show please visit us at 185 King Street anytime after 4:00 pm.

Tickets are non-refundable

January 30, 2021 7:00 pm

$5 per seat/you must purchase entire table/tables are limited   

Are they the natural children of Tom Waits and Mavis Staples? Are they living under assumed names in the witness protection program? Did they run away with the Circus? Are the 16 holes in Jonathan Grey's bass from a Thirty-Ought-Six? Did Hazel Ketchum carve her drum sticks from the bones of John Bonham? Did Bob Culver learn guitar from a 123 year-old medicine man in Botswana? These are questions we cannot answer. However, I can tell you this... They are the Harrows, and they will bring both the rock and the roll to 185 King Street

Live shows will be looking a little different in order to do our part with social distancing while still filling the space we have available efficiently. The garage door at the rear of our stage will remain open during all performances so that you can enjoy the show from inside our venue space OR in our outdoor courtyard.  This also means you should come prepared!  Dress warm, and bring a blanket.  Thank you in advance for your understanding on this front.  Tickets will be sold as table reservations.  There are tables for groups of 2,3,4,6, and 8 people.  You must purchase the entire table in order to make a table reservation.  We do not issue physical tickets; however, your name will be on a guest list when you arrive for the show.  If you are arriving at a different time than the rest of your party be sure they know the last name that you made the table reservation under.   You can use the graphic below to see the layout of our space and the description of different seating options.  Make a note of which tables would suit your needs and then click the "tickets" button above the artist bio to proceed with your purchase.  We look forward to having you!  Please remember masks are required for entry.  

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