Tyler Hood

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June 01, 2023 7:00 pm

Free Show --- 

 From a small town in southern Indiana and winner of the 2021 "GEMS in the Rough" competition,  Tyler Hood has found comfort and success in his strong midwestern roots. His storytelling style of songwriting will captivate you and lead you down a beautiful road full of laughs and cries. 


Tyler was an original member of the southern Indiana band "The Hill Figs." The Hill Figs found great success as a band in the Indiana and Kentucky music scene. In 2022, Tyler stepped away from the band to focus on himself as a singer/songwriter. He teamed up with the Nashville-based label "Anti Corps" for his debut solo album, the "Magnolia Sessions." You can find this album and his work with The Hill Figs on all streaming platforms. 


Tyler has been featured on the popular music YouTube channels "Western AF" and "GEMS on VHS." You can see those performances down below! Keep an eye out for Tyler in a town near you in 2023!